Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Evie Discovers Paint Your Own Pottery (with a Christmas Twist)

Evie has created several masterpieces at the pottery studio near her house. She thought it was only fitting that she should go back on the first day of December to paint a plate for Santa's Cookies!

Have you ever been to a paint your own pottery studio? If not, here's how it works:

  1. Pick out a piece of pottery (they have plates, bowls, cups, mugs, frames, etc)
  2. Wash the piece with water and a sponge
  3. Decide what your pottery design will be
  4. Pick out you paint colors
  5. Go to town painting your pottery
  6. Leave the piece at the store for them to fire in their kiln
  7. Pick it up about 5 - 7 days later

Evie was originally going to pick a regular plate to decorate but then she saw the Christmas section and couldn't resist! Evie picked out a plate that had Santa's head at the top.

Evie's friend Barrett came along for the adventure too! Barrett and his brother Hunter put their hand prints all along the plate in green paint. Then his mommy colored in some berries and a bow to make a beautiful wreath! Such a cute idea!!

Here is Evie's finished cookie plate! She can't wait to go back and pick it up!

So, how much does it cost? You will pay for the piece of pottery you choose. They usually have the price tags on the back. To give you an idea, the small plates were about $12 - $14. The Christmas plate with Santa's head was $20. You also have to pay a painting fee for all of the supplies. This is about $3 - $6. If you want to have your own pottery adventure but want to save some money, try painting an ornament! They had a huge selection and those would cost a lot less.

Google "paint your own pottery" and your zip code to find a studio near you!!


  1. We had so much fun learning once again from little Miss Evie! That Santa plate turned out soo cute!