Monday, November 16, 2009

Evie Discovers Homemade Fall Cards

Evie discovered a great Thanksgiving craft thanks to the So You Think You're Crafty blog. You'll find a video tutorial for Kid Leaf Cards on the right side of the blog. She thinks you should look at each of the Crafter's blogs - each is amazing and has great craft ideas!!

Evie was excited to start her craft - especially since it required a family walk! She headed out in her stroller, ready to find the perfect shaped leaves!!

After she collected her leaves, Evie had all the supplies she needed:
  • Fall Colored Paint (Evie chose dark yellow, dark orange, and brown - each bottle of paint cost $0.59 at Michaels)
  • Paint Brush (She got a foam one at JoAnn's Fabric store for $0.39)
  • Paper (While at JoAnn's, Evie saw the card stock paper was on sale "buy 2, get 3 free" Regular price was $0.59 per sheet)
  • Leaves
Total Spent = $3.61

You will need to press the leaves overnight before creating your cards. Try using a phone book...or Evie discovered that Sherlock Holmes books work great too!!

Evie doesn't have any pictures during the actual stamping process since her hands were covered in paint! She does have one tip though: grab a scratch sheet of paper to test stamping the leaves. It took Evie and her Mommy several test stamps before they liked the finished product. Evie cut her cardstock paper in half, and then folded those halves into greeting cards.

She loves how they turned out!!

Evie had her Mommy write "Happy Thanksgiving" inside each card. Voila!! Homemade greeting cards ready for a personalized message to each of Evie's cousins!!

**A fun extra: let your kids sign the back of the card, or write something like "Evie Original Creation" Enjoy!!

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  1. They're so cute! I've been wanting to do some leaf printing but just haven't gotten around to it. They cousins will love them!