Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog Swap with Sisters Stuff

Evie and her Mommy love looking around at other blogs...there are so many great ones out there. They came across Sisters Stuff and visit it regularly! When Evie's Mommy saw the opportunity to do a blog swap, she was excited to let her readers see all of the great stuff Sisters Stuff has to offer. Today, Evie Adventures is visiting their blog. Enjoy!!

We are excited to be doing a blog swap with evie adventures today.
Don't we all need help as moms to keep those little ones busy and happy!

We are 2 sisters that love crafts, recipes, saving money, organizing, home decor, trends, and love being moms. {Sisters Stuff} was created to share all the stuff we love.

Here are some of our favorite posts.

Recipe for Death by Chocolate

Cleaning Box for organizing chores.

We love this jewelry holder.

We also just posted a new diaper wipe case tutorial that we wanted to share with you! Enjoy!

I saw these covered diaper wipe cases when I was pregnant with my first baby and fell in love with them. I thought they were adorable and had to make them! I hope you find this tutorial useful!

plain wipe case
glue gun
ruler or measuring tape
Trace the bottom of your wipe case once and top of your wipe case twice. One of your top patterns will be the pattern for your batting. Once you have your patterns for the top and bottom you will need to measure the bottom and top sides of your wipe case. Once you have the measurement you will need to extend the top and bottom drawing by the amount you measured so that it will cover the sides of your wipe case.
You will have three patterns .I labeled mine top, bottom and batting so that I could use my patterns again. *The batting pattern is your original top pattern. It will be the smallest. Pin your patterns to the batting and cut out your batting. Next, do this with your top and bottom patterns to cut out your material. Glue your batting to the top of you wipe case. Glue the material to the top of the case. Make sure it covers the sides. It doesn't have to be perfect because you will be putting trim around the edges. Do the exact same thing to the bottom of the case. Then add ribbons or any other "bling" you want to the top of your wipe case. You want to do this before you add the trim. Glue trim to the top and bottom of the case. I like to start in the back so that the seams match up in the back and not in the front.
Here is the final product! So cute! Thanks again for letting us swap with you today! Come check out {Sisters Stuff} for more great ideas!


  1. Hi Mary Pat! I am a friend of Jenny Burkharts and I have been following your blog for a while- I just added it to my blog! Just wanted to say thanks for some great ideas and finding other great blogs like your own! I also like your weekly menus. Keep up the good work!
    PS. Evie is PRECIOUS!

  2. oh wow, what a great idea, a blog swap! and you found a tutorial on the wipie case! we need to get cracking on that, don't we? : )

  3. I love this post!!! What a cool thing! Thanks MP!