Monday, November 23, 2009

Evie Discovers Thanksgiving Place Mats

Evie is so excited about Thanksgiving! She gets to spend time with her family and friends, and eat great food - it doesn't get much better than that!

Since she thought she might be a little messy during her Thanksgiving meal, Evie decided to make a Thanksgiving place mat.

Evie and her Mommy looked around at other blogs for inspiration on how to make the perfect place mat.

They found some great ideas! Here are a few of their favorites:
  • Instead of doing place cards, you could try this personalized place mat. Your guests are sure to be impressed with this special touch! And what a fun way to find your seat!!
  • Here are some adorable place mats for the kids table. They're cute decoration and the kids would love playing with them!
  • And finally, the place mat idea Evie chose for this week's adventure!
Since Evie made Fall cards last week using leaves as stamps, she wanted to try something different. Instead of using leaves inside her place mat, she wanted to create a cute little turkey!

She was ready to collect her supplies! Her Mommy didn't have to buy a single item for this craft - they already had everything at the house:

  • Colored construction or card stock paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wax Paper
  • Pencil for tracing

Evie's favorite part was having her hand traced for the turkey body and feathers!

Her Mommy traced her hand on a brown colored paper for the turkey body. She also traced Evie's hand on 4 different colors of paper for bright feathers.

Next she cut the fingers off of the colored paper to use as feathers

Evie glued the colored pieces behind the turkey for the feathers. She also trimmed some red paper to add a wattle (red beard) Yes, Evie's Mommy did just look up what that was called. She glued on some stick legs, drew on a face and her turkey was ready to go!

Evie added a few pieces of paper to her place mat to write "Happy Thanksgiving" and her name and the year

After she had all of the decorations for the place mat, Evie and her Mommy were ready to iron it together. They took a piece of wax paper and arranged the design. They covered it with another piece of wax paper, and then ironed it together with a warm iron (Evie's Mommy used a cotton/linen setting). It sealed together very quickly!

After the place mat was ironed together, it was easy to trim the uneven edges...and Evie was finished! A place mat ready for her Thanksgiving meal!!

Be sure to enter Evie's giveaway for a free Christmas Card - ends 11/30

Friday, November 20, 2009

Evie Discovers Her Own Christmas Giveaway

Evie was so impressed with Katydid and Kid's giveaways that she decided to have her own!! She started thinking back on recent play dates to remember what moms were currently talking about...what would be something everyone would want?? Then it came to her! Of course, free Christmas cards!! Evie immediately thought of KM Thomas Designs on Etsy!

Evie ordered her first birthday invitations from Krysta at KM Thomas Designs and loved how they turned out!

This is the design Evie chose so everyone could see how much she had changed throughout the year.

Evie's Mommy recently ordered baby shower invitations from KM Thomas Designs. She told Evie how great it was to work with Krysta on the invitations!! Krysta was always happy to tweak the design or change the wording until it was just like her Mommy wanted it to be...and Krysta was always super quick with sending over the design proofs!

This is the invitation that Krysta designed for the baby shower

Guess what Evie Adventure readers?! KM Thomas Designs has generously offered 3 (yes 3!) certificates for card designs!! Krysta said the 3 winners could use them for Christmas cards, birthday invitations, shower invitations ... anything you find in her amazing Etsy store!

Just in case if you haven't ordered cards through Etsy before, here's how it works:

  1. Choose your favorite design, or contact KM Thomas Designs to request a custom design.
2. Email KM Thomas Designs with:
-your text/wording for your card
–attach your picture or pictures (depending on layout)
And you let her know if you'd like a design for a 4 x 6 or a 5 x 7 print.

3. In about 48 hours (but usually less), you will receive a proof via e-mail. From there, you and Krysta can make revisions until you are absolutely satisfied.

4. Once you approve the proof, you can take it or upload it to any photo finisher (Target, Wal-Mart, Snapfish, etc.) you'd like to have prints made. With this option, you can have prints made for as little as $.06 a piece (4x6)! Or you can have KM Thomas Designs print them for you, and have the cards and envelopes mailed right to your house!!

Note: this giveaway is for 3 gift certificates for card designs (a $15 value each). If you decide to print your cards through KM Thomas Designs, you will receive $15 off the total price. The winners will receive a special code to redeem their prize!

Isn't this amazing??

Here are just a few of the adorable Christmas cards by KM Thomas Designs

who can resist a monogrammed initial??

Evie is thinking her family Christmas card will be a 3 photo design this year

Evie loves the scalloped border

Now on to the important stuff - how to enter this amazing giveaway!!

To enter:

Visit KM Thomas Designs on Etsy and leave a comment on Evie Adventures with your favorite Christmas card design in her shop.

If you would like additional chances to win, you can do the following (each is an additional entry, so make sure to leave a separate comment for each one)
  • Blog about this contest (this will be worth 2 entries so be sure to leave 2 different comments; also leave the blog address)
  • Follow Evie's blog via Google Friend Connect (find this on the right of the blog)
  • Post the Evie Adventures button on your blog. Be sure to leave your blog address where the button is posted.
So there is the opportunity to enter 5 times for this giveaway!!

You must do the first entry in order to enter (going to KM Thomas Design store and list your favorite Christmas design) You will have until Monday November 30th at 11:59pm CST to enter. The winners will be chosen via random number generator the next day and notified by email. Evie will also post the winners on her blog. If Evie doesn't hear back from the winners within 72 hours, she will pick new winners.

Good Luck!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Giveaways Just In Time For Christmas!!

Evie found an amazing craft blog, Katydid and Kid! Not only are there great craft ideas, there are also great giveaways!! Evie loves that all of the items are so different...some she would like to win for her Mommy, others for family members, and some she wants to keep for herself!!

Current Giveaways Going On:

$100 Gift Certificate to Tiny Prints (are you serious?!?! $100 to Tiny Prints?! Christmas Cards anyone??) Ends 11/21

Mighty Leaf Travel Tea Mug Ends 11/22

Little Thinker Doll from Unemployed Philosopher's Guild Ends 11/22

Handmade Porcelain Snowflake Ornament Ends 11/23

Putumayo World Music Family Christmas CD Ends 11/24

Consumer Reports Best Baby Products Guide Ends 11/25

$30 Gift Certificate to Eco Time Toys Ends 11/25

Wee Squeak Shoes from Beibi Line Ends 11/26

Evie saw a kid at the mall wearing squeaker shoes the other day. She thought they were so cool!! If she doesn't win the contest, she might have to ask Santa for a pair!!

$75 Art Basket From Stubby Pencil Studio Ends 11/28

Good luck in the giveaways!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Evie Discovers Homemade Fall Cards

Evie discovered a great Thanksgiving craft thanks to the So You Think You're Crafty blog. You'll find a video tutorial for Kid Leaf Cards on the right side of the blog. She thinks you should look at each of the Crafter's blogs - each is amazing and has great craft ideas!!

Evie was excited to start her craft - especially since it required a family walk! She headed out in her stroller, ready to find the perfect shaped leaves!!

After she collected her leaves, Evie had all the supplies she needed:
  • Fall Colored Paint (Evie chose dark yellow, dark orange, and brown - each bottle of paint cost $0.59 at Michaels)
  • Paint Brush (She got a foam one at JoAnn's Fabric store for $0.39)
  • Paper (While at JoAnn's, Evie saw the card stock paper was on sale "buy 2, get 3 free" Regular price was $0.59 per sheet)
  • Leaves
Total Spent = $3.61

You will need to press the leaves overnight before creating your cards. Try using a phone book...or Evie discovered that Sherlock Holmes books work great too!!

Evie doesn't have any pictures during the actual stamping process since her hands were covered in paint! She does have one tip though: grab a scratch sheet of paper to test stamping the leaves. It took Evie and her Mommy several test stamps before they liked the finished product. Evie cut her cardstock paper in half, and then folded those halves into greeting cards.

She loves how they turned out!!

Evie had her Mommy write "Happy Thanksgiving" inside each card. Voila!! Homemade greeting cards ready for a personalized message to each of Evie's cousins!!

**A fun extra: let your kids sign the back of the card, or write something like "Evie Original Creation" Enjoy!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Evie Discovers Pet Stores

Evie's most recent adventure was an idea from her cousin - thanks Henry!!

Evie made a trip to Petco (even though she doesn't have any pets) to see all of the animals!
Evie reads all about dogs, cats, fish, and birds in her this was a great opportunity for her to learn even more about them! And to get some help with learning what sounds they make. She visited the fish, birds, ferrets, bunnies, hamsters, turtles, lizards and snakes. Since people bring their dogs and cats into the store, Evie also had fun meeting the pets!

Petco has shopping carts just Evie's size!! She loved pushing the cart around just like Mommy and Daddy!

Evie had a great time at the pet store, and will definitely be taking her Mommy back soon! This is a great activity for when you want to get out of the house but don't want to spend any money.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog Swap with Sisters Stuff

Evie and her Mommy love looking around at other blogs...there are so many great ones out there. They came across Sisters Stuff and visit it regularly! When Evie's Mommy saw the opportunity to do a blog swap, she was excited to let her readers see all of the great stuff Sisters Stuff has to offer. Today, Evie Adventures is visiting their blog. Enjoy!!

We are excited to be doing a blog swap with evie adventures today.
Don't we all need help as moms to keep those little ones busy and happy!

We are 2 sisters that love crafts, recipes, saving money, organizing, home decor, trends, and love being moms. {Sisters Stuff} was created to share all the stuff we love.

Here are some of our favorite posts.

Recipe for Death by Chocolate

Cleaning Box for organizing chores.

We love this jewelry holder.

We also just posted a new diaper wipe case tutorial that we wanted to share with you! Enjoy!

I saw these covered diaper wipe cases when I was pregnant with my first baby and fell in love with them. I thought they were adorable and had to make them! I hope you find this tutorial useful!

plain wipe case
glue gun
ruler or measuring tape
Trace the bottom of your wipe case once and top of your wipe case twice. One of your top patterns will be the pattern for your batting. Once you have your patterns for the top and bottom you will need to measure the bottom and top sides of your wipe case. Once you have the measurement you will need to extend the top and bottom drawing by the amount you measured so that it will cover the sides of your wipe case.
You will have three patterns .I labeled mine top, bottom and batting so that I could use my patterns again. *The batting pattern is your original top pattern. It will be the smallest. Pin your patterns to the batting and cut out your batting. Next, do this with your top and bottom patterns to cut out your material. Glue your batting to the top of you wipe case. Glue the material to the top of the case. Make sure it covers the sides. It doesn't have to be perfect because you will be putting trim around the edges. Do the exact same thing to the bottom of the case. Then add ribbons or any other "bling" you want to the top of your wipe case. You want to do this before you add the trim. Glue trim to the top and bottom of the case. I like to start in the back so that the seams match up in the back and not in the front.
Here is the final product! So cute! Thanks again for letting us swap with you today! Come check out {Sisters Stuff} for more great ideas!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Evie Discovers Picnics

Evie's most recent discovery is picnics!

She knows that they seem really simple and ordinary, but how often do you have them? Evie and her mom get tired of eating sandwiches for lunch...but they magically taste better outside on a blanket!!
Evie loves being outside, even if there isn't a playground. Sometimes we take lots of books with us so we can all have some quiet reading time...or sports balls to throw and kick around...or you can bring bubbles and sidewalk chalk (these can be purchased at a dollar store).

There are so many things you can do on a picnic! Don't feel like you have to stay out there forever - this probably won't make you want to go as often. Evie likes to take her lunch to a neighborhood park for about an hour. It's a great reason to get out of the house, and of course, a free adventure!

Have fun!!