Monday, October 12, 2009

Evie Discovers Pumpkin Patches

Evie explore Pumpkin Patches this past week - just in time for the upcoming holidays!!

Don't know where a pumpkin patch is near your house?? Locate a Pumpkin Patch Near You!! This website allows you to click on your state and then city to find pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hayrides and more!

If you don't want to drive all the way out to a pumpkin farm, you can always look at local churches in your area. Evie's adventure took place within 10 miles of her house! A church had pumpkins out in the front lawn, and the proceeds supported the youth choir. There is no cost to look around - you only pay if you buy a pumpkin, or if you want to donate towards the cause.

The church had a large variety

Specialty Pumpkins:

And Spookies:

Evie decided on one yellow specialty pumpkin and 2 little Spookies that were just her size! She's going to help her Mom paint the yellow one to put on the front porch. Evie was really impressed with the selection since it was just a local church! Imagine the pumpkins you could buy from an actual pumpkin farm?!

An adventure to a pumpkin patch can serve several purposes: fun for the kids, buying your holiday pumpkin decorations, and as a free studio for a photo session!


  1. we had so much fun with y'all, thanks again for discovering it evie!

  2. you better show us pictures of the pumpkins yall made and decorated!!