Monday, October 26, 2009

Evie Discovers Halloween Crafts

Evie is so excited about the upcoming holidays! She wanted to get into the Halloween spirit by having some friends over to work on different crafts.

Craft #1 - Decorated Pumpkins

Evie and her friends had a great time using stickers to put faces on the pumpkins. They then wrote their names on the back with a Sharpie marker. The stickers were purchased at a pumpkin patch but you could use any type of stickers you find at the store. Do you want to save a few bucks? You can also decorate squash. They are on sale right now at most grocery stores! Evie found some at Kroger for $0.77 per pound. Some were even orange with stems on top - they looked just like lighter colored pumpkins! (enlarge the top picture with the pumpkins/squash at the center of the table - you can see the slight difference between the two)

Craft #2 - Crayons, Construction Paper and Halloween Stickers

Evie found foam Halloween stickers, construction paper, and crayons at the Dollar Tree. She also picked up a clear table cloth to make sure no one got crayon marks on the table! What an inexpensive way to have some Halloween fun!!
And a Halloween Craft Day wouldn't be complete without some Halloween food!! Everyone enjoyed Ghost Pepperoni Pizza for lunch. You just pinch out 2 eyes and a mouth on each pepperoni to make a ghost!

And Dirt Cups with Worms for dessert. Evie thought it was extra cool that the kids got to mash up the Oreo cookies themselves! They each had a Ziplock bag with their initial on it, and got to go to town on several cookies!

Evie wishes everyone a Happy Halloween!!


  1. Loved the crafts and we were glad to be there when Evie discovered them. It was great fun!!

  2. what a great post, thanks again for all your hard work to make for a fun party!