Monday, October 5, 2009

Evie Discovers Farmers Market

Evie is excited to share her adventure to Farmers Market!

She had a great time exploring different markets - especially with cooler weather on it's way!

She found a lot of items at the market - vegetables, grass-fed meats, local honey, cage-free eggs, fresh baked breads, seafood, cheeses... the list goes on and on! Evie really enjoyed the atmosphere at the market. Since farmer markets support family farms and boosts the local economy, there is a warm, family-feel! Most markets are held on Saturday mornings, but Evie discovered that several cities hold one during the week as well!

Here are some other things Evie loved about the market:
  • They sell fresh flowers, homemade soaps and homemade candles
  • You can buy premade meals and dips to take home
  • Even if you don't want to purchase any groceries at the market, you can spend about $5 and get a croissant and drink. Then just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful weather!

There was a band playing throughout the day. Whenever the band took a break, music would be played on the stereo. Some markets even have free cooking demonstrations! There were lots of families and children enjoying the market. Evie met a lot of new friends!

What could be better than bundling up, getting a hot drink and croissant, and walking around a Farmers Market!? Just remember to bring cash!!


  1. Are farmers markets cash only? P.S. Can you email me the response since blogs aren't like facebook and don't give you "updates"? :) LOVE YOU!

  2. mmm.. a hot drink and croissant- sounds good to this preggo lady! a-town is getting a farmers market soon. wonder how that's going to turn out ??