Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's Have An Adventure!

Have you ever searched the web for ideas of activities to do with your kids? Do you find yourself doing the same activities over and over? This site is to help parents and kids find fun, new ways to spend their days!

Evie is ready to start her adventures!! She will explore near and far to find the best places for you to take your kids, as well as the best activities to do at home! Evie will have at least one adventure per week, and will report back with all of the details.

She will also be gathering gift certificates from some of the places she discovers! There will be several random drawings using Once you see a post with a giveaway attached, you will just have to post a comment to enter to win. A super easy way to have a free adventure!

Be sure to check back each week, and get ready to have your own adventures!!


  1. Such a great idea! I will be watching to see where Evie goes week to week. Love, Grammy

  2. Wow. This is just WAY too cute!! I can't wait for Evie's Adventures! :) When I saw this post, my first thought was of the MK&A movie series that they had when they were little about the detective agency! Ha!

    Also, will non parents be able to enter in the giveaway too? :)

  3. Can't wait to follow the adventures of you two crazy girls!

  4. Yes, of course non parents can enter the giveaways!! Why not be a kid for the day? Or you could surprise a mom with a little treat.

  5. So cute Mary Pat! This was such an awesome idea of yours!