Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evie Discovers Indoor Play Zones - Giveaway!!

Evie has been working hard, and is excited to report back her discovery...Indoor Play Zones!!

Since it was her first adventure, she insisted on visiting two different play zones in two different cities!

First up, Jungle Java in Round Rock, Texas

Jungle Java is an indoor playground and restaurant. There are 4 different chain locations: one in Austin, Texas area and the other 3 in Michigan.

It looked like the kids were having a great time climbing through tubes, swinging on zip lines, and racing down the slides!!

There is even a Toddler Safari area for children under 3!

Parents also looked to be having a great time! There were several seating areas, one being a lounge with leather chairs and sofas. Evie saw at least one flat screen TV which was playing college football the entire time...she knew the dads appreciated that! She was also impressed that they had free wifi - what a great option for parents that might need to get some work done!

There is a concession stand style restaurant at the front of store. The items that caught her eye were the coffee drinks and smoothies!

Jungle Java had several areas for birthday parties. Since Evie explored on a Saturday, there were a few going on while she was there.

Evie's second trip was to Jump N Jungle in Webster, Texas. They also have a location in Pearland, Texas. This is a family owned and operated business - Evie met one of the owners, Julie, who was incredibly sweet and supportive of Evie Adventures!

Jump N Jungle is an indoor jump house. Have you seen those inflatable bounce houses that you can have delivered to your house for a few hours? This is the same idea except that the Jump N Jungle contains several rooms, with several bounce houses in each room!

Jump N Jungle also hosts birthday parties! This is such a great alternative to renting a bounce house for a party! You don't have to worry about the weather or your house getting destroyed! They even have the option to cater the event with items like pizza, chicken nuggets or sub sandwiches. Jump N Jungle was just recently voted Best Party Facility in Clearlake Area by Bay Area Citizen Newspaper.
Evie found out Jump N Jungle also offers a day care service. The children are able to play in the bounce houses during their breaks...what a great way to get good naps out of the kids!
One of Evie's favorite things about Jump N Jungle is the decorations! There are paintings of animals and scenes from a jungle on every wall, and even the floor is a bright colored tile!

Some things to know about indoor play zones: they require children to play in socks so remember to pack a pair if your kids are wearing sandals. Otherwise, you can purchase some socks at the front counters. Also, parents are required to wear socks if they are going to enter the play areas. But parents - guess what?! Admission for adults is FREE!

Are you excited to visit an indoor play zone but don't live near Jungle Java or Jump N Jungle? Try searching for "indoor playgrounds" + "the name of your city" on Google! Evie tried this for several different cities and found great results. There is also a chain called Pump It Up that has over 175 locations nationwide!

Do you want to save some money but still want to visit an indoor play zone? Try your favorite mall! A lot of malls have a small playground for the kids...what a great way to spend a rainy day!! Or why not visit Jungle Java or Jump N Jungle for free?? Both Jungle Java and Jump N Jungle were incredibly generous and donated free admission passes! So, there will be 3 giveaway prize packages:
  1. 2 free admission passes to Jungle Java in Round Rock, Texas
  2. 2 free admission passes to Jump N Jungle in either Webster or Pearland, Texas
  3. 3 free admission passes to Jump N Jungle in either Webster or Pearland, Texas
Would you like a chance to win one of the great prizes? All you have to do is comment on this post with your answer to the following question:

If you went to Jungle Java, what drink would you choose?
A. Café Mocha
B. Caramel Mocha
C. Chai Tea Latte
D. Lemonade Smoothie
E. Strawberry Banana Smoothie
F. Mango Tropics Smoothie

A few guidelines on commenting:
  • Leave an email address so Evie can contact you if you win
  • Put which prize package you are entering to win (either Jungle Java or one from Jump N Jungle). Do you want a chance to win both? Just put that in your comment
  • Deadline for entering the contest is Sunday, September 27th at 11:59 CST
  • Winners will be chosen using Random.Org The website will be used to generate a random number, and then Evie will start counting from the first entry until she arrives at the randomly generated number. (Don't worry, her Mommy will help her with the counting!)
  • The winners will be announced in an adventure post on Monday, September 28th!
Good luck!!

Each Monday a new adventure will be posted! Evie's looking forward to sharing her next adventure on Monday, September 21st!


  1. Hi Evie! This is Bekah and I am so excited about your adventures! What a natural investigator you are! I would like to enter the Junlge Java giveaway in Round Rock for my friend Alex. I think his mommy would like a Caramel Mocha too : ). Thanks Evie!

  2. Hi Evie, Caleb (1 year old too) here in Dallas, Texas!! What an exciting adventure you are on and maybe my mommy will get a few ideas from your mommy.

    I would like to enter the Jungle Java giveaway in Round Rock for my crazy cousins that are 6, 4, and 2- maybe when I come down to visit we all can go!

    My mommy would like the Mango Tropics Smoothie and her email address

  3. Hi Evie!

    This is Amelia - we met when my mommy took me to Barnes & Noble storytime last Thursday. Jungle Java sounds cool! My mommy would probably drink the Mango Tropics Smoothie if she were to go.

    My mommy is Eileen:

  4. Hi Evie! This is Barrett (and Hunter). We are so excited to read about your adventures! We like to go to Jump and Jungle since it is right down the street from our house. I think our favorite drink would probably be the strawberry banana smoothie...yum! My mommy's email address is Thanks!

  5. He's adorable! I wish I could have a baby boy soon. I have three lovely daughters and this time I pray to God that he gives me a baby boy. My daughters are asking for a baby boy too. The Jungle Place looks so fantastic.